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Non Surgical Hair Replacement ~ Richmond Hill

Your options for hair restoration, regrowth and revitalization are numerous, but only one solution exists:the solution designed personally for you.

Experienced, friendly NeoImage hair consultants will recommend a total solution appropriate to your individual goals, needs and hair loss profile. Your results can be as subtle or dramatic as needed, for a gradual return to fuller hair or an immediate change in your appearance.

We offer only the best quality of hair including European hair!

We offer all types of hair attachments including:

  • Polyfuse
  • Weaving
  • Spot Attachment
  • Tapes
  • Clips
  • All forms of Hair Extensions

Proven hair loss treatments

  • Phyto (Phytocyane, Phytoaxil and Phytophanene)

Professional hair and skin therapy products

  • Phyto hair and scalp treatments
  • Laboratoire Dr Renaud

Unlike many hair therapy centres, NeoImage believes you are more than just a head of hair. If you don’t feel good, you probably won't look your best, despite having thicker hair.

Esthetic treatments aren’t just for women anymore; men who have radiant skin, clean and well-shaped nails and groomed body hair can match their terrific look with a strong sense of well-being and energy.

At private styling stations, our technicians deliver professional esthetics, including:

  • Facial treatments for men
  • Hair and nail styling
  • Body hair removal

Market Leader in Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

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