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A Variety of Hair Extensions Available

NEO IMAGE offers high quality hair extension services in the vicinity of Richmond Hill.

Alternatives To Hair Transplantation

At NEO IMAGE, our aim is to make you feel good about yourself and not just help you have thicker and more hair on your head. We offer a professional, friendly and confidential hair extension service that you can rely upon. We provide only the best quality of hair attachment and non-surgical hair replacement, including European hair.

Hair extensions  Richmond Hill

 You don’t have to let thinning hair speak for you

A Variety of Hair Extension Services

Your results can be as subtle or dramatic as needed, for a gradual return to fuller hair or an immediate change in your appearance. At NEO IMAGE, we'll design the ultimate hair system for you, tailored to your hair loss profile and goals. Contact us today!

Hair extensions  Richmond Hill

 We provide reliable alternatives to hair transplantation

We offer a variety of hair attachments such as:

  • Polyfuse
  • Weaving
  • Spot Attachment
  • Tapes
  • Clips
  • All forms of Hair Extensions

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Market Leader in Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

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